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  • Bill Gower
    Nov 8, 2006

      The only disappointing thing I have to say about the book is that because I know the outcome, I am trying to cheer the guys on and want them to get away but I know that it is futile.  It seems like what started out as a “well-thought” out plan is falling apart because of silly mistakes that are occurring after the locomotive is stolen.  I have enjoyed the background info that you have provided on cities, people and the railroad.  I am at the point where the conductor and his compatriots are riding the handcar and have just reached the locomotive sitting at the siding of the cut-off.  I think that one of the problems that I see happening is that Andrews and the others started becoming cocky and thinking that it was all over instead of causing more damage to the RR and trying to make better time.






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      Dear Bill, Ken, Bob, Tom and Steve:

      I'm the author of Stealing the General, and I recently discovered
      your group here. Thanks, Bill, for mentioning the book, and to all
      of you who have ordered it. Please post here or send me an e-mail at
      rbonds@.... com and let me know if you enjoy the book.

      I'm a lifelong Georgia resident--I grew up almost literally in the
      shadow of Kennesaw Mountain --and like all of you am a student of the
      war in the (still overlooked) West. Also, I'm considering a number
      of ideas for my next book topic. If any of you have a thought on a
      Civil War story, battle or character that deserves more attention or
      a new narrative treatment, please let me know.

      Thanks again; I look forward to participating in the group.

      Warmest regards,
      Russ Bonds

      --- In civilwarwest@ yahoogroups. com, "Bill Gower" <billgower@. ..>

      > Today I received in the mail, a newly published book
      entitled "Stealing the
      > General" by Russell S. Bonds. It's approximately 374 pages with
      lots of
      > footnotes. His goal is to tell the story of the soldiers who
      attempted to
      > steal the General and their fate. I hadn't realized this but many
      of the
      > men on this raid received the Medal of Honor, which was given for
      the first
      > time in U.S. History. James M. McPherson has this to say about the
      > "The Great Locomotive Chase has been the stuff of legend and the
      darling of
      > Hollywood .
      Now we have a solid history of the Andrews Raid.
      Russell S.
      > Bond's stirring account makes clear why the raid failed and what
      happened to
      > the raiders." My only background on this event is the 1952 Walt
      > movie starring Fess Parker, so I am anxious to read the book and
      find out
      > more about this raid.
      > Bill

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