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42544[civilwarwest] Chickamauga by Turchin

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  • nickrelee@aol.com
    Nov 7, 2006
      As posted earlier I may have found a copy of Chickamauga by Turchin that was owned by Rosecrans.  I looked thru the entire book and found only 4 pages where notes were made.  I just posted these scans onto the photo page on the group's homepage.  Its in a folder called "Pages from Chickamauga by Turchin"
      The notes are pretty limited.  I didn't find anything that really confirmed that it was Rosy's book.  Online I found a place selling a letter of his which you can view at:
      It appears to me that the handwriting is similar, but the two samples are small so a professional handwriting analyst probably couldn't say anything for sure.  But go ahead and look at the two samples and see what you think.  At first glance I'd say that the known letter doesn't destroy the possibility that the book was Rosy's. 
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