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42537Re: [civilwarwest] Re: Follow up Ballots and voting

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  • DPowell334@AOL.COM
    Nov 7 8:39 AM
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      In a message dated 11/7/2006 10:27:27 AM Central Standard Time, tristan4th@... writes:
             Greetings Ken & All.......
                       I suppose many of us have sat back in our chairs and tried to imagine or fasthom what it must have been like then.
          As a "historian", I suppose its safe to say "we" have become more civilized since those days in C.W., that is, with the concerns of "voting".    But living where I do now, on the outskirts of 2 University towns, I've often been on the "recieving" end of being a "voting the wrong way" kinda guy. My lord, can you imagine the heights of the flames these days might possibly produce had we not become more "civilized"???
         Just rambling with words here..............
            Respectfully Your Humble Servant,
             Capt. McCracken......... Trans-Miss. Partisan
      I remember reading a letter from an Ohio regiment in the 63 election. The vast bulk of soldiers voted for Brough, against Vallandigham. In the letter, the writer noted that the whole regiment voted the "right way," except for 6 Irishmen who were promptly taught a lesson. He does not say what that lesson was, but it sounded violent...
      Dave Powell
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