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  • pete@blueone.net
    Nov 2, 2006
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      If a lurker can throw in a comment, Shaker Village is very worthwhile. If you have time, eat a
      meal there and you'll enjoy food as never before--everything grown or raised on the site or a
      nearby farm. But to eat genly requires a reservation a few days in advance
      Pete Cohron
      Lexington, KY

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      Also nearby Shaker Village
      Of that I have know knowledge. Is it worth a stop in a pressed situation?
      With only so much time to cover thus and such an area? Where is it and what is
      its interest? Was unaware of a Shaker presence in the area. A strange group with
      strange ideas that guaranteed its demise -- much in the same vein as the King
      David group in Michigan. I'll definitely include it in the next trip that way
      if you'll recommend it.

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