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42494Re: [civilwarwest] Chickamauga by Turchin

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  • DPowell334@AOL.COM
    Nov 1, 2006
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      In a message dated 10/31/2006 9:20:26 P.M. Central Standard Time, nickrelee@... writes:
      I just received Turchin's book on Chickamauga thru inter library loan.  Inside the front cover there is a typed note pasted that this copy originally belonged to General Rosecrans.  I flipped thru the book and in the margains there are places where someone has written "this is a mistake" and one note even says "our" lines.  What do you suppose are the odds that these notes are from Rosecrans or some prankster?  Anyone have a copy of Rosy's handwritting to base these notes against?  This might be an incredible find or a pretty involved prank.  Unfortunately the large foldout maps that originally accompanied the book are gone, I really wanted to make copies of those but I guess that's not gonna happen.  But if this was Rosy's copy then I'll definetly make copies of his notes.
      That would be pretty amazing if it were. I don't have a lot of handwritten stuff from Rosey, but his papers are at UCLA. They could help, maybe.
      I once received a copy of Col. Hiram Devol's memoir (of the 36th Ohio) in the same manner, and low and behold, it once belonged to the regimental historian of the 36th, who similarly appended notes. He corroborated Devol's more controversial claims (specifically about JJ Reynolds losing his head at Chickamauga) and suggested alternate locations. The notes transformed it from a rare memoir to a unique primary source.
      Any chance you would be willing to share "Rosey's" notes with me? In return, I will see if I can track down the maps.
      Dave Powell
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