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42068Re: [civilwarwest] Re: Shiloh Question...picking a date

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  • Laurence D. Schiller
    Sep 14 6:42 PM
      Re: [civilwarwest] Re: Shiloh Question...picking a date
      Hello Steve - I've been in fencing for 41 years, beginning as a high school student in NY. I've actually been the head coach at Northwestern University for 29 years and my program is one of the strongest in the NCAA. As far as the ACW, I've written a monograph on the evolution of Federal Cavalry tactics for BGES, part of which was also published in Jan. 1999 in North and South. (Shameless plug...). Someday my book on the evolution of cavalry tactics both north and south will get done - probably after I retire from Division I coaching. Fencing is very cool, I agree. One of the reasons I don't post much is being on the road so much recruiting, with the team, etc.

      Now, back to the ACW.


      Laurie Schiller

           Sorry to intrude on Shiloh subject, but "fencing"?  That is really COOL!  How long Doc have you been involved?
         Again my apologies..lol... But fencing, swords, sabres...??? fit a lil in CWWT? They were weapons?... Anyhow... Very interesting to say the least..Can you swing a sabre as well? It be nice to have extra "weapons" person to fall on occasionally in group..??
         Thankyou anyway..Again I apologize for interruption...
          Take care.......
              Respectfully Your Humble Servant,
               Capt. McCracken       
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      Dr. Laurence D. Schiller
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