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42035Re: Shiloh Question...picking a date

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  • gnrljejohnston
    Sep 11, 2006
      > This is too bad, but the timing is bad for me. I do have a strong
      > in Shiloh, having done a bit of original research into the battle and
      taken a
      > group of friends down there last year.
      > I am especially interested in the Jones field counter-attack action,
      > Trabue's attack, etc. If the right time can be arranged, I would be
      glad to
      > participate and help with that aspect of the field.
      > Dave Powell

      This is also bad timing for me. I am planning however to get back to
      Shiloh next late March or mid April with another group that I am
      associated with. The exact date we haven't selected as of yet. My
      particular interest is following the movements of McDowell's brigade.
      My biggest problem is walking rough terrain now, since having two knee
      replacements takes a lot out of you.

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