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42011Re: [civilwarwest] Shiloh Question...picking a date

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  • nickrelee@aol.com
    Sep 7, 2006
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      I'll probably be in Tenn, just a matter of getting there on that particular weekend, and its something I won't really know for sure until a few days before hand.  But I'll probably be camping so it doesn't matter for me about hotels.  I agree Selmer isn't anything fancy but it was about the same distance as Corinth and it might just be perception but I think it was a quicker drive from Selmer than from Corinth. 
      --Nick Kurtz
      In a message dated 9/6/2006 11:58:17 PM Mountain Daylight Time, keeno2@... writes:
      Corinth has its come-ons. Last time I was there we stayed in Selmer. Not fancy, but had a helluva nice little neighborhood cafe at the end of the drive. 'Coon season and all that. Selmer was approximately equidistant with Corinth. If there's no objection, I'll start exploring in Savannah first, Corinth second, Selmer third.
      So far, there's four "interested." Not enough to get excited about.
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