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41580Re: [civilwarwest] Happy Anniversary, Dick

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  • Dick Weeks
    Aug 7, 2006
      Thank you very much Bill. Those are just wonderful comments and ones that I
      would be challenged to live up to. In case some of the folks might be
      wondering about the "anniversary", it was on this date in 1999 that the CWWT
      was first formed. I thought that I would be lucky to get at most 30
      members. I only had less than a dozen that were firmly committed when I
      first set up the group. Lordy, was I wrong on that beauty. Although we
      lost a few members on that last "dust up" we still have 583 and going
      strong. Thanks to you all. You are just a fine bunch of folks. Sometime
      in the future, we might want to think about having a CWWT Muster. We have a
      lot of folks in here that I am sure could enlighten us on many a battlefield
      if we all wanted to get together. Just something to think about for future

      I am, very respectfully, your obedient servant,
      Dick (a.k.a. Shotgun)

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      From: "Bill Bruner" <banbruner@...>
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      Subject: [civilwarwest] Happy Anniversary, Dick

      >I just want thank you for all that you have done on this and your
      > other wonderful site.
      > I know that you have said on numerous occasions that the main reason
      > you keep this site is that you may learn something. I despair at
      > your learning anything from me but I hope you may find some
      > satisfaction in that I have learned much through you.
      > We recently, in my local watering hole, we had a discussion on the
      > meaning and examples of altruism. I used the internet in general
      > and you specifically as the best examples.
      > I kind of think of you as so many of the Generals, that while I may
      > second guess you at times I am under no illusions that I could do
      > nearly as good a job as you.
      > Thank you again. You have put down a large footprint in the study
      > of Civil War History.
      > Bill Bruner
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