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41579Happy Anniversary, Dick

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  • Bill Bruner
    Aug 7, 2006
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      I just want thank you for all that you have done on this and your
      other wonderful site.

      I know that you have said on numerous occasions that the main reason
      you keep this site is that you may learn something. I despair at
      your learning anything from me but I hope you may find some
      satisfaction in that I have learned much through you.

      We recently, in my local watering hole, we had a discussion on the
      meaning and examples of altruism. I used the internet in general
      and you specifically as the best examples.

      I kind of think of you as so many of the Generals, that while I may
      second guess you at times I am under no illusions that I could do
      nearly as good a job as you.

      Thank you again. You have put down a large footprint in the study
      of Civil War History.

      Bill Bruner
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