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41563RE: [civilwarwest] John Bell Hood's Class Standing

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  • Bob Huddleston
    Aug 5 11:17 PM
      The Class of 1853 consisted of 10 cadets admitted in 1848, who were "found"
      and carried over to the next class, and 87 admitted in 1849. Six of the
      latter were also "found" and graduated in 1854.

      Of the remaining 81, 42 graduated, along with the 10 from the previous year.
      John Bell Hood ranked 44th of the 52. Other members of the Class of 1853
      were James B. McPherson (1), Joshua Sill (3), William Sooy Smith (6), John
      Schofield (7), Phillip Henry Sheridan (34), and John Grattan (36).

      Thirty-nine did not graduate.

      So John Bell Hood was in the bottom 15% of his class - but in the bottom
      half of all his classmates.

      And do not forget that college enrollment itself was minute - the census
      bureau appears not to have even asked about college until 1870, when 1.1% of
      the male population was in college. As late as 1940, only 1.4% of the total
      population had a college degree (today it is about 20%), so even the goats
      of the antebellum classes were an elite.

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