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41476Re: Myth or Truth of Sherman's March

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  • josepharose
    Jul 31, 2006
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      --- In civilwarwest@yahoogroups.com, "theme_music" <theme_music@...>
      > Well if you want to go that route, the city that suffered the
      > greatest amount of damage due to fire during the war was not
      > Columbia or Atlanta, it was Richmond Virginia. Those fires were set
      > under orders from RE Lee. So if we are to have "demon pyromanic-
      > off", should Lee get some consideration?
      > Eric

      I would have thought that this topic was in the forbidden zone but, as
      you brought it up, General Ewell, himself, contradicts you. Lee had
      ordered that "preparations to be made for destroying the cotton,
      tobacco, &c., which the owners could not remove, in places exposed to
      capture by the enemy."

      The conflagration which occurred during what was to be a controlled
      burning, made worse by incendiarism, can hardly be blamed on Lee from
      what I can see in a quick review.

      If you provided evidence to your assertion, maybe there wqould be
      something to debate on a different forum.

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