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3998RE: [civilwarwest] Re: Brooks Simpson's Ulysses S. Grant

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  • Bob Huddleston
    May 1, 2001
      A good scholarly biography of Thomas would be very welcome.
      However, I suspect part of the problem is that he was not at Gettysburg!
      Unfortunately the only thing that happened in the Civil War west of the Shenandoah Valley was that USG won a bunch of battles. How many decent and recent books are there on western battles, while the East and GB in particular, groan under the weight of the scholarship.
      I suspect that the only biographies from the west that would sell are books on USG and Uncle Billy. And the only battle that matters is Vicksburg.
      And that is a shame.

      Take care,


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      In a message dated 5/1/2001 12:23:41 AM Eastern Daylight Time,
      josepharose@... writes:

       SNIP I'll be honest....I find HUG
      fascinating...but even I am tired of the lack of new scholarship on Thomas.  
      It seems that everytime I walk into the bookstore....a new book appears on
      Grant.   Is a big discussion in the us-civilwar chat room.....Many feel that
      Rosy and GHT are ignored...and I agree.... SNIP 
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