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  • Dick Weeks
    Jun 3, 2006
      JEJ, I really don't know.  I don't use him that much.  I depend more on Livermore for stats.  Besides I cheat and use Phisterer's book that came with "Campaigns of the Civil War".  It is part of the DVD that I mentioned in the earlier post.  It is also on the Guild Press CD titled "Campaigns of the Civil War".  The DVD has all of the Guild Press CDs on it.  Phisterer's book on the DVD and CD is "Statistical Record Of The Armies Of The United States" consisting of three parts;  PART I., Numbers And Organization Of The Armies Of The United States,  PART II.Chronological Record Of Engagements, Battles, Etc., In The United States, 1861 To 1865, and PART III., Record Of The General Officers Of The Armies Of The United States During The War Of The Rebellion.
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      Additionally, on this page of my website I have a little more info from
      I have Phisterer's Volume XIII.  How many volumes on statistics did he either write or edit???
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