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  • Darron Williams
    Apr 30 10:35 AM
      Cleburn was hoplessly outnumbered at Jonesboro. The Confederates were almost always outnumbered which is why it is amazing they performed as well as they did in many battles. 

      nickrelee@... wrote:
      Yes, Cleburne had a poor performance at Jonesboro.  I'm not aware of all the factors relating to its failure but it did and as corps commander he was the one responsible to make sure all the little things didn't go against him.  By this time he had already written his emancipation proposal so even if he had given a sterling effort at Jonesboro I doubt that it would have been enough to earn him a permanent corps command.
      In a message dated 4/29/2006 7:27:03 AM Mountain Daylight Time, banbruner@... writes:
        I know it has been discussed here before about his potential as a
      corps commander. A short time ago I came across a map of the Battle
      of Jonesboro, the one time Cleburn led a corps.  It appears from
      just this brief look (I moved on to other things) that his corps
      attack was way off target.  Did Cleburn botch his only command of a

      Bill Bruner


      Darron Williams
      "We'll go home, make three more crops, and try them again" 

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