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  • pvtjessett
    Apr 8, 2006
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      Mr. Moody, Compliments Sir,

      Aside from the native American situation I also have a deserter in
      my past. Have brothers in central KY.(Times Two back in ancestory),
      one John Barker went Butternut and one named Henry Barker went
      Union. John I can follow throughout his career as he was not a great
      soldier , captured 3 times, but from his letters had his heart in
      the right place. Henry on the other hand I know little of other than
      before the Battle of Perrysville, KY. he was bragging in his letters
      home that they would "Whip them all to h--ll"(Rebs). Well there are
      no letters from him after this engagement and according to his
      service records he took off. Oweing the US Gov. 15 bucks for
      blankets and such. All these people are from the area of central KY.
      around Perrysville, Springfield,Lebannon. Matter of fact the road
      that runs alongside Perrysville battle Field is called the Mays Rd.
      and a creek that runs just south of the Battle Field is named Begley
      Both these are on my mothers side, Nye names.


      --- In civilwarwest@yahoogroups.com, Rick Moody <r_moody@...> wrote:
      > --- pvtjessett <pw541301@...> wrote:
      > > Also as a side note, nice touch with the Tecumseh
      > > quote. Being 1/32
      > > Kentucky Shawnee of the Tecumseh Tribe (not enough
      > > for a Indian
      > > card) but a nice touch. My great times two
      > > grandmother is my claim
      > > to this, her last name(nye) was bullit of all
      > > things.
      > >
      > > Paul
      > One of my relatives skedaddled at Chickamauga. He
      > walked away from the 21st Illinois Infantry at
      > Gordon's Mill and never came back. Hiked through
      > Tennessee and crossed the Mississippi near Ft. Pillow
      > and walked all the way to Kansas where he hid amongst
      > the Shawnee. He met and married my GGGGMother a
      > beautiful Shawnee princess. They walked to California
      > and settled in the San Diego area. They stayed there
      > until the war was over and walked back to Tennessee to
      > the Dyersburg area. Tired of walking they stayed and
      > two generations later my Grandfather married another
      > Shawnee princess who bore my father in Ashmore
      > Illinois. Ain't life grand???
      > I don't have a card either but both of my parents have
      > Shawnee blood. How much I have is a question I can't
      > answer nor do I seek it.
      > Rick Moody
      > r_moody@...
      > "When you arise in the morning,
      > give thanks for the morning light,
      > for your life and strength.
      > Give thanks for your food,
      > and the joy of living.
      > If you see no reason for giving thanks,
      > the fault lies with yourself."
      > Tecumseh, Shawnee
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