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  • pvtjessett
    Apr 8, 2006
      Mr. Moody, Compliments Sir,

      I believe the Gen. pretty much hit the squirrel on the head with his
      statement.And with yours it pretty much seals the deal. I believe it
      was W.T.Sherman when talking of the cavalry problems in the western
      theatre described Forrest as " By far the more dangerous man", the
      only "rebel" the gave him pause, so to speak.

      Also as a side note, nice touch with the Tecumseh quote. Being 1/32
      Kentucky Shawnee of the Tecumseh Tribe (not enough for a Indian
      card) but a nice touch. My great times two grandmother is my claim
      to this, her last name(nye) was bullit of all things.


      --- In civilwarwest@yahoogroups.com, Rick Moody <r_moody@...> wrote:
      > --- GnrlJEJohnston@... wrote:
      > >
      > > First of all, I am not a Forrest worshipper. But
      > > let us take a look at the
      > > man and what positive things he did accomplish.
      > > Here was a man with no
      > > military training that just with intuition,
      > > brashness, bravery, and leadership
      > > created such a reputation in doing damage to Union,
      > > that he was called a Devil.
      > > IMHO, he was an individual that left alone, could do
      > > more than if he was
      > > part of a formal military unit. He was not a myth
      > > and he was a legend within
      > > his own time. I could care less if he did or did
      > > not have a confrontation with
      > > Bragg. I do care that he created havoc with Union
      > > troops and installations
      > > in that his strategy and tactics used at Brice's
      > > Crossroads is still studied
      > > at USMC and other important military academies.
      > > For those that want to
      > > believe all the stories that have disemminated
      > > about him, fine. For those that
      > > seek factual history will demand creditable
      > > documentation. For those that just
      > > believe he was a leader that deserved and earned
      > > the respect not of only his
      > > own men, but of the enemy as well, they do as I do,
      > > salute him.
      > >
      > > JEJ
      > > "As fast as we gain one position, the enemy (JEJ)
      > > has another all ready."
      > >
      > > William T. Sherman, June 1864
      > >
      > Of all the events in the western theater of operations
      > the only group the unions army could not get a handle
      > on was Forrest. This is where his legend comes from
      > IMO. Sort of a "No one whipped Forrest" concept. He
      > was the one the union feared the most and rightfully
      > so as no one could pin him down when he was operating
      > independently. I'm not one to give him god like
      > status either because when placed inside of another
      > command he was frequently ineffective. When
      > independent he was near invincible. He excelled at
      > stealth, deception and quick raids. In this area he
      > deserves his status as a legend IMO.
      > Rick Moody
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