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38100Re: Bragg vs Forest

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  • endeavorgot
    Apr 4, 2006
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      Hooper writes:

      IMO, I am alluding to the often described myth of Forrest.
      Myth to the ardent and studious historian can have traditional or
      But to the occasional or mass learning audience, myth is
      synonymous with
      allegorical stories or fables such as Greek gods or monsters.
      I just don't consider Forrest a mythical character .
      He was real and historical with possible errors in narratives and
      just as Grant, Lee and others.
      He just did more (faster) and with less means.

      Myths or legends can be made out of whole cloth. I think it is
      inarguable that Forrest brought great substance to his status,
      however you wish to fashion it. Istm that NBF's actual deeds
      eclipse the mythology.
      Bill Bruner
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