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38023Re: [civilwarwest] Re: Bragg Vs Forrest

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  • DPowell334@AOL.COM
    Apr 1, 2006
      In a message dated 3/31/2006 10:25:47 P.M. Central Standard Time, pw541301@... writes:

      Truth comes from many sources but adds up to the same, B.S. comes
      from many sources and is B.S. The sources seem to be the
      key.J.B.Cowan was with him and said so- Done Deal.


      I'm curious, Paul, if you have ever heard of the famous Barlow-Gordon Incident at Gettysburg. It was a "done deal" for many years, because Gordon said so.
      From a(n) ((hi harry)) historian's POV, Cowan is not reliable enough to consider it a done deal.
      1) as I pointed out, there are many unexplained problems with the account - not the least of which was that Forrest was about 150 miles away at the time. How did he get there?
      2) As Lee posted, there are a number of clear inconsistancies with other things Cowan wrote (which I had not seen before, thanks Lee) that suggest he is not reliable.
      3) Cowan is the only source, and it appears in 1898. The vary detailed and usually reliable Jordan and Pryor book - which is the closest thing Forrest's own account of his career we have, since he reviewed the mss - mentions nothing about it, though Jordan and Pryor discuss the various other problems Forrest had with Wheeler, the Lt. Gould knife fight, etc. Jordan and Pryor appeared in 1868, much closer to the "incident."
      4) no other source corroborates it, especially no other source contemporaneous to the event. A "done deal" from any historian's POV, would require a minimum of two sources.
      Dave Powell
      4) no other
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