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  • Tom Mix
    Mar 3, 2006

      Mine is Lortab. Some times it even works.



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        My experience for nearly two years was initially excitement because the pain was lessened so that my back was not my center of focus at all times.

      I too have lived with pain since April 26, 2004.  That is when I had a doctor butcher me when he did a right knee replacement, cutting nerves and other internal parts.  On May 17,2005, Mayo Clinic had to do a repair job on the knee and replace the prosthesis that was not only too loose, but the wrong size.  Even in doing as much repair as they could do, the knee will never be the same.  Thus, I survive with either a Darvocet pill in the morning and/or a Lidocane patch that I put over the knee, and make that last all day. The pain is there only in the motion of bending the knee, which goes from between the four and six level.  No Laudenum though    Damn, it is Hell getting old.



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