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37116Re; The word "embarassed"

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  • endeavorgot
    Feb 1, 2006
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      Bob Huddleston writes:

      All of this is quite irrelevant.

      What mattered is that the Bosses, Halleck, Stanton and Lincoln
      interoperated Thomas' actions as a refusal. So when the opportunity
      came up again, they went for Rosecrans over Thomas.

      Take care,


      You are indeed correct. But my argument was not that the Bosses
      were not justified to do as they wished in this matter, for whatever
      reasons they wished to state, even if they had to back date
      Rosencrans orders and their reason was, IMHO a bit disingenuous.

      My argument was,is, that Thomas was not insubordinate, did not
      disobey orders or act unprofessionally.
      Bill Bruner

      P.S. I once learned to my great embarassment and minor injury
      that "To the rear, march" comes under the heading of a peremptory