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36522Re: AS Johnston: The Right Plan?

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    Jan 12, 2006
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      > > Grant thought that Crump's Landing, not Pittsburg Landing, was
      > > his command was most vulnerable. Would it not have been better
      > > fact for AS Johnston to strike at Wallace first, cutting off
      > > Pittsburg Landing contingent, and then move in for the kill?
      > >
      > >
      > > I think that Johnston would have easily found himself cut off.
      > road
      > > network isn't too great in the area and this move would have put
      > divisions
      > > between himself and Corinth.
      > You're correct. But not only would the Confederates have found
      > themselves with the Union forces between themselves and their base
      > (while the Federal supply line on the river was far less
      > but a common military maxim is not to make a flank march in the
      > of the enemy. Not only would they be marching past the main
      > encampments, they would really have to hook right around that
      > The rebels who had such a hard time merely marching up to Shiloh
      > Church in actuality would have, in this scenario, been strung out
      > miles with the Federal army within easy striking distance. I can
      > hardly think of a more dangerous situation.
      > Whoever thought that such a move might have been a good idea should
      > rethink the strategy involved.

      Given your characterization of Grant's incompetence, the move would
      not seem to be all that dangerous.
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