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36455Re: Wallace revisits Shiloh

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  • bjer50010
    Jan 11, 2006
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      --- In civilwarwest@yahoogroups.com, "Tony Gunter" <tony_gunter@y...>
      > A brief tangent here, and I ask these questions without the benefit
      > having my books available: did Wallace not have a cavalry escort for
      > his HQ?


      > Was a cavalry detachment watching the road towards Purdy?

      Yes. In response to his discussion with Grant on the morning of the
      6th, Wallace ordered his cavalry to scout towards Purdy (along the
      road to Crump's Ldg.) to ensure that he wasn't the target of the
      Confederate attack. Bear in mind that several days earlier he had
      expressed concern to Grant about just that possibility and that was
      what prompted Grant to order WHL Wallace to support Lew Wallace if

      > If
      > so, were they attached to Wallace in any way? Could he have issued
      > orders to them, if he had seen the need?

      Yes to both. In fact, when Rowley found Wallace the afternoon of the
      6th, Wallace's column had stopped to allow his cavalry to scout ahead
      of the Clear Creek position to which Wallace had marched.
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