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35670RE: [civilwarwest] Re: Google Makes Public Domain Books Accessible to the World

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  • Harry Smeltzer
    Nov 4, 2005

      I think it is selfish of authors to profit from their work.


      The people have a right to access scholarship free of charge, just as they have a right to free education, free internet access, free computers, free housing, free food, free TV, free transportation, free clothing, free legal assistance, free computer consulting, free accounting services, free marketing representation, free banking services, free pharmaceuticals, free medical services, and free household needs like wallpaper and such.


      They of course have no right to a free real estate appraisal.


      Workers of the world unite…you have nothing to lose but your chains and self determination.




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      I'm really enjoying this trend of putting more and more information
      on the Internet for free.  This means that IF the poor people around
      the world can get access to the Internet, then they have a chance to
      become educated without paying tuition and buying books.

      If its in the public domain, I have no problem with it.   I'm with Mr. Savas when it means effectively stealing someone's intellectual property rights.  

      Sam Elliott

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