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35669Re: The Port Hudson Campaign by Edward Cunningham

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  • virginia_cajun
    Nov 4, 2005
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      --- In civilwarwest@yahoogroups.com, "Brett Schulte" <brett@b...>
      > Has anyone else read this one? I just finished it, and it's a decent
      > overview of the campaign. There are only two maps though, neither of
      > which is very good. Is Hewitt's Port Hudson book better?
      > I've got Volume 2 of David Edmonds' The Guns of Port Hudson, and that
      > book looks excellent from a brief look. Any thoughts on that
      > two-volume set?
      > Brett S.

      Cunningham's book, as you say, is a good overview but lacks the
      details of the books by Hewitt and Edmonds. Hewitt's book presents
      thorough coverage of the campaign through the aftermath of the May 27,
      1863, assault. It was his intention to do a second volume completing
      the story, but he has not done so yet. Edmonds' volumes go into
      greater depth than Cunningham or Hewitt, but they are not without
      small errors of fact, and they lack analysis.

      Art Bergeron
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