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3532Re: Perryville

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  • glblank@ticon.net
    Mar 20, 2001
      --- In civilwarwest@y..., David Woodbury <woodbury@s...> wrote:
      > Dick,
      > Regarding the search for information on Perryville, I would suggest
      > that he call up the Perryville Battlefield Visitor Center -- (859)
      > 332-8631 -- and get ahold of a copy of the Perryville issue of "Blue
      > & Gray" (or order it through the B&G website). That will give him a
      > very good summary. Additionally, I believe there is a brand new book
      > out by Kent Masterson Brown with a collection of essays on

      Geez, do I need my glasses fixed. I completely missed this post.
      May I suggest the book, "Perryville, Battle for Kentucky" by Kenneth
      Hafendorfer, avaliable at Amazon. I also will be looking forward to
      the KMB colletion of essays.

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