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35163Re: [civilwarwest] The Colt

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  • Michael McKinnon
    Oct 3, 2005
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      IIRC (and sometimes I don't :-) ), the Sharps rifle was used.  This was also a single shot, breech loaded, lever action rifle.

      olddude33@... wrote:
      There was a single shot lever action rifle, but I do not believe it came into play until after the CW.  I'll check on this with J. Bilby who just has finished his book on CW lever action weapons.


      The Ballard was a single shot lever action .44 cal. carbine. (some carbine... the thing weighed 17 lbs.) It came into use in 1864 when the state of Kentucky purchased 4600 of 'em for the 13th and 45th Kentucky Volunteer Cavalry.

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