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3499Re: [civilwarwest] Re: Organization of American Historians Programs - continued from another forum

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  • thecoys@together.net
    Mar 19, 2001
      Steve and Ms. Davis

      Please tell us more about this symposium. It sounds like a great 'western'
      theater line up. :)

      Kevin S. Coy

      sdwakefield@... wrote:

      > Ms. Davis-
      > I am sorry but I think you got hit by a minnie ball that was aimed at
      > me. I fear it is I who is the HEAD TROLL that mysteriously but with
      > diabolical cleverness controls all those who have run-ins or
      > disagreements with Mr. Plezia. You unwittingly made the cardinal sin
      > of saying something nice about me thus earning yourself a one-way
      > ticket to the 'troll house'.
      > The First Sgt. here (a/k/a Shotgun and Mr. Weeks) keeps the lid on
      > this class room. (including when I deserve it giving me a swat every
      > so often). I think you will find this crowd very knowledgeable and
      > friendly.
      > The less said about my past problems with Redman and his trusty side-
      > kick Mr. Plezia the better, I know it was far from my finest moment.
      > Unfortunately the whole controversy is sort of like a Mississippi red
      > bug -- it just will not seem to die or to go away.
      > Once again sorry you felt the sting of the lash that was meant for
      > me.
      > Regards-
      > Wakefield
      > P.S. The symposium was great fun, isn't Thomas Cartwright simply
      > amazing?
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