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  • Bob Huddleston
    Sep 14, 2005
      While the Southern influence was and is great in Egypt, and would explain why Egypt and only Egypt provided the only organized group of Rebels from a free state, it by no means follows that Egypt as a whole was pro-secession. Like that sucker A Lincoln, and like John McClernand and John Logan, the Egyptians opposed secession and equally opposed slavery. After all, unlike Jefferson Davis' family *they* had moved North in many cases to escape the impact of slavery.
      Don't forget that the Egyptian Rebel gang could only assemble half a company -- hardly a ringing endorsement of secession!

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      How could a citizen of any Northern state find “loyalty” to the Confederacy since their states were never part of the Confederacy?
      Settlers of Little Egypt came primarily from the South.  Many started from NC, then through the Smokies to TN, then KY and then IN and IL.  Others took the Southern route that was primarily old Indian trails from NC, SC, GA, AL then north to TN and then KY and IL.  Thus their sympathies were not so much for the Confederacy, but for the South in general.  Even today, if you go down in that area, many of them still speak with a Southern drawl.  I know my mother-in-law sure did. 
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