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33831Re: [civilwarwest] Re: Newt Gingrichs Triology

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  • hooperjwboro@comcast.net
    Sep 5, 2005
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         Read all three ASAP. Agree that Union movements on river and wagon were grossly exagerated on speed.  But I enjoyed all 3 books immensely. The 1st my favorite. Of course I grew up and live next to Stones River Battfld. And GGgrandfather fought at Richmond KY under Cleburne.
         As for Lee, by July1863, I truly believe that he began to believe that the cause was becoming a slavery issue and less the wishes of Virginia and the Confederacy in his mind. I think that explains his assault via Picket and and disregarding Longstreet's advise. He placed the result with God.  To me [Gettisburg] in July of 1862 under all the same circumstances , Lee would not have attacked the heights and would have acted more like the Gingrich and Forstchen books   MO
           Not an alternate history book, but a new read is Bright Starry Banner  
       about Sheridan, Polk , Bragg, Rosy and others at the battle of Stones River.

      John Hooper
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      I have not yet finished the third book but i see how
      it is coming together or apart whichever way you want
      to see it. i am frustrated at a couple part but over
      all i would definently recommend it.
      My issues are with how quickly the yankees transport
      people. And jeff davis coming down on Lee like he did.
      James any thught on those?

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      > >
      > >  Have any of yall read the three altenrate history
      > > books- Gettysburg, grant comes east, never call
      > > retreat? Opinions?
      > >
      > Ricky, I started out wanting nothing to do with
      > "Gettysburg" and
      > disliking the idea of the book.  One afternoon I
      > picked it up in
      > Borders, nothing else to look at, Knowing I would
      > hate it and ready to
      > pick it apart.  LOVED IT!  Brought it home and was
      > totally hooked! 
      > Bought the others the 1st day and read them ASAP.
      > Newt knows his history and much of the fun is seeing
      > how he brings real
      > events into "his history".  The more you know, the
      > more fun the books
      > are and the more you see and understand.
      > James2044

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