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33820RE: [civilwarwest] partially OT - Army of the West vs. Army of the East

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  • Tom Mix
    Sep 5, 2005
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      I do not recall where I read it but I did read once where Longstreet’s men commented on what they viewed as more “fierceness” in the West.  That resolve struck them as a bit more pronounced in the West.  Right or wrong that is what some thought after running up against the Western armies.  


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      A most interesting examination ... how did the western armies differ from the eastern? We should immediately acknowledge that the AotP had its representation of western units -- most notably, the Iron Brigade, among others.


      Next, we must agree that east and west did, in fact, have some cultural disparity. The east was more settled, the west was new and rough--and peopled by bold, aggresive personalities.


      However, between the two, and I suspect Grant picked up on it, was a commonality: you will not sunder this nation. Loosely interpreted, the Westerner was more likely to swing on you if he disagreed with your premise. The Easterner would talk and discuss a bit more before he drew a weapon.


      Upshot? There wasn't that much substantial difference between the reasons either end of the country fought. It might have been earthier from the western perspective, but in the end, it was the same as the easterners.




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