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  • hooperjwboro@comcast.net
    Sep 1, 2005
      Wakefield, most certainly in jest. Just a wee bit of hurt feelings on the description.
       In seriousness, having traveled the route even before I-24 (Hwy 41 upand around MontEagle Mtn), I would hear your take on those logistics. Eg's   Defence, supply train(wagons) , infant., cavalry. From MBoro to the river. 
      John Hooper
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      A LOGISTICAL waste land! I hope your post was made in jest, because
      I can assure you I did not say nor mean to imply any of the
      beautiful land is a waste.

      --- In civilwarwest@yahoogroups.com, hooperjwboro@c... wrote:
      > Your remarks have merit, but we [all my compatriots] have never
      thought of our beautiful land as a waste.
      > --
      > Respectfully,
      > John Hooper [Boro to Horseshoe Bend]
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      > Very intresting stuff and I thank those who contributed
      > FWIW I have felt for a very long time that most people and
      > have never given adequate attention to just what a total
      > logistical 'black hole' the area south of Murfreesboro to the
      > River was to 19th century armies. Even today driving down the
      > interstates in this area I constantly marvel at how any large
      group of
      > soldiers where able to cross this mountainous waste land.
      > Regards-Wakefield
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