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320[civilwarwest] hello!

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  • Autumn0102@aol.com
    Dec 29, 1999
      Hey! My name is Autumn, and I am your 16 year old new comer! I came
      here not only to discuss the war with you guys, but to get help as well. I
      took Advanced Placement US History. his year, and
      to get out of the class we have to write a 10 page term paper..We are aloud
      to pick whatever we want, so of course I chose the civil war. But now I need
      to find something to write it on. I have one idea, but I doubt it will
      work..I was wondering if you guys could help me find something decent to
      write about, but something that I can write 10 pages about!
      It's very appreciated,
      Autumn Porter
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