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  • Dick Weeks
    Jul 1, 2005
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      Rick, I don't want to take sides in this battle over the atrocities that
      Forrest may or may not have committed. Suffice it, I think he was one of
      the best battlefield generals in the Western Theater on either side. As far
      as Fort Pillow goes, one of the best descriptions of it that I have read is
      in Henry's book "First With The Most." I took the liberty of putting that
      portion on my website some years back.


      Some more interesting material on Forrest can be found in the Official
      Records. Here is a little something that I have on my website:


      The bottom line is that you can love him or hate him but you can't take away
      his military skills and his love of his men. At Fort Donelson, when he
      found out they were going to surrender, he basically said that he did not
      bring his command there to surrender. He was leaving and anyone who wanted
      to go with him was welcome. When he left, virtually every man in his
      command was riding double. If we are going to try him in the court of
      modern day opinion I certainly hope we are not going to try him alone.
      There are plenty of "atrocities" to go around on both sides. Personally I
      had rather look at his military record and let it stand at that. Just my
      opinion of course.

      I am, very respectfully, your obedient servant,
      Dick (a.k.a. Shotgun)

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      > --- Tom Mix <tmix@...> wrote:
      > > Grant ordered Sherman to investigate NBF to see if
      > > charges should be
      > > brought. Sherman exonerated Forrest and that was
      > > the end of it. And
      > > remember Sherman respected him as a General but not
      > > in any other way.
      > > Still, he fairly investigated and found nothing.
      > >
      > > Tom
      > Was Sherman's investigation before or after Grants
      > decision to cease prisoner exchanges?
      > Did Shermans investigation have any bearing on Grants
      > decision to stop the exchange?
      > Was the decision based solely upon the souths
      > unwillingness to exchanging black soldiers?
      > I am here to learn, so the more info you can provide
      > will be appreciated.
      > Rick Moody
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