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31787RE: [civilwarwest] NBF !!!  What about others

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  • Tom Mix
    Jun 30, 2005
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      At least NBF stopped the killing as soon as he could. And he gave them
      all a chance to surrender which was rejected by the commander much to
      Forrest's surprise. Lee didn't.

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      When re-visiting other battles I can't absolve the sainted Lee at the
      Crater.  He knew the murders were going on and yet did nothing. I know
      it is the forbidden zone but I think it be referenced when passing out
      the condemnation.  NBF brought the killing to an end, Lee didn't.  


      Great point, and one that has always bothered me about Lee. Same can be
      said about Custer in the Valley with the hangings late in the war.
      Point is...both sides were brutal..and I take umbrage here when one
      person is singled out...ala NBF in this thread. To me it is ridiculous.

      Regards from the Garden State,

      Steve Basic

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