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31323Re: Arrests at Shiloh

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  • josepharose
    Jun 1, 2005
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      > > --- In civilwarwest@yahoogroups.com, "josepharose"
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      > > > I just read a note in Grant's Papers, Vol. 5 p. 19, which
      > > > that Clark Lagow, of Grant's staff, on the first day of battle
      > > > ordered the release from arrest of five generally well-reputed
      > > > officers:
      > >
      > > These arrests would appear to have been made before the battle.
      > > release was to free them to participate in the battle, no? Just
      > > wondering.
      > Correct.

      Mr. Keene:

      Thank you for the MOLLUS reference.

      You are correct that this shows that the officers were released at
      the start of the battle. The paragraph in the note I mentioned in
      Grant's Papers starts with an order from Lagow issued "[u]nder the
      pressure of battle" where he directed Major Cooke to "arrest every
      Commissioned Officer that shows himself on the Levee near the
      Steamers unless sick or wounded." The note later quotes Lagow's
      order of release, seeming to imply that the two orders happened in
      this order.

      "Reminiscences Of A Surgeon" indicates that the order of release, at
      least in Chetlain's and McArthur's case, came well after their
      initial arrest.

      Several officers were, IIRC, arrested that first day. Are there any
      accounts as to who they were?

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