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  • basecat1@aol.com
    Feb 3, 2005
      In a message dated 2/3/2005 11:49:03 P.M. Eastern Standard Time, tmix@... writes:


      I just sent a note before I read this new one. So, l’ll look at it now here. The prices vary from in the high $20’s to $100.  But most today seem to be in the $35-$45 range.  Key in to Boulder Games and check out their inventory. He sells his at considerably less than many. Another is Homer Games. The Gamers Civil War Brigade is fantastic.  They have games on Franklin, MurfreesboroShiloh, Champion Hill,  Chickamauga, Gettysburg, the 7 Days, Antietam and Bull Run. I may have missed one but I own them all and love them. I saw some of these in the gift centers in the battle field sights. Dave worked n the development of many of those games too but is too modest to say so.  I highly recommend them. But it would be good to try to learn one with a friend.  I did it solo but it took awhile. But it was fine. Shiloh is a good start since it is only a one map game. Champion Hill is another fun game that could be a good one to start with. Gettysburg and some others are 2 map games. There are other good games out there too but this is a start. These area in the $30-40 range and some times less through certain out lets.


      Thanks for the info., and will take a look at those places when I return from Road Trip this weekend.
      Regards from the Garden State,
      Steve Basic
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