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  • Tom Mix
    Feb 3, 2005
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      I have a bunch of board games, many designed by Dave or at least with his input, and play them all solitaire. They are great historical studies of a battle as well as relaxing and fun.



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      Evening all,


      Just finished listening to Dave Powell's interview on World Talk Radio, and really enjoyed the hour.  I especially enjoyed the last segment that dealt with the Battle of Chickamauga, and Dave's comments on the research he has been doing.  I look forward to the article that will be included in the next North and South Magazine.


      As for the gaming aspect, my only foray into this world was the Gettysburg game that came out in 1958, but do remember spending quite a bit of time when I was a kid playing it, or I should say attempting to play it. 


      Excellent program Dave, and would have given you an A+, but the mere mention of Curt Schilling brought up a nightmare here from last October, and found this Yankees fan irate once again wondering how we blew that playoff series..:)


      My question here, being clueless in the world of CW games, can these be played by myself, or do you need more players to be involved?

      Thanks for an interesting listen.


      Regards from the Garden State,


      Steve Basic


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