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29984Interesting New ACW Game

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  • b_schulte70
    Jan 31, 2005

      This doesn't quite apply directly tho the Western Theater just yet,
      but I wanted to let everyone know about this.

      I just picked up a new ACW game from Mad Minute Games entitled "Bull
      Run: Take Command 1861". It's a real time game that is more than a
      mindless clickfest. Real time is literally real time as 45 minutes in
      real life is 45 minutes in the game. If you are a gamer or are just
      interested in these sorts of things check it out at:


      They also have a pretty active forum up for help with the game:


      This company plans many new battles of which I'm certain many will be
      set in the West. Plus, Bull Run is very moddable, so I know some
      Western battles will be modded in as soon as a map editor has been

      Brett S.
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