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29713Re: [civilwarwest] citations

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  • GnrlJEJohnston@aol.com
    Jan 1, 2005
      In a message dated 1/1/2005 8:20:44 P.M. Eastern Standard Time, LDS307@... writes:
      For example, rather than cite all the primary
      sources again, you can cite 'For a closer examination of the action
      at Reed's Bridge, see ...'. This is perfectly acceptable as it leads
      to the sources, which is the whole point.


      Laurie Schiller
      Yes I can see that.  But like was said previously, is the author trying to write as Dick calls a Bed Side book, or is he writing one that is definitely technical in nature.  Yes, a book that is highly technical requires footnotes.  But what I hate to see is a book that each page is six inches in length and one or two of those inches are nothing but footnotes.  Cozzens uses a lot of foot notes but he has to since his writing is so technical and precisely deep.  Yet there are other authors that use foot notes sparingly and others use them too sparingly.
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