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29469Re: [civilwarwest] Holidays

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  • GnrlJEJohnston@aol.com
    Dec 1, 2004
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      In a message dated 12/1/2004 12:31:09 PM Eastern Standard Time, thecoys@... writes:
      Ok....the holidays are upon us.  I am being asked what books I want (need).  My answer is "all of them" but I'm not being taken seriously for some reason. :)  Anyway, I need to narrow my list down some so I'm coming to all of you.  What books are you asking for and/or what books are needed in your library?  What do you all recommend?
      For books by modern authors, I like Elliott (SDE80) Marzalec, Sword, and McMurry.  Am presently reading a second time, Atlanta Will Fall by Stephen Davis.  I don't know why I am doing it since he is so anti-Johnston, it is pathetic.  It is as if he had a personal vendetta against the man.
      I also like to go to ABEbooks.com and find out of date books.  You can find alot of out-of-print books there at a very reasonable price, many being first editions.  That is where I found my Campaigns of Sherman copywrited 1865 in good condition.  Also found Sherman's Letters Home and another on Sherman's wife.  All give a good insight to the man himself.
      There are many other books similiar to these on almost any leader of the war..
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