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28930RE: [civilwarwest] JEJ and the Atlanta Campaign

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  • William Gower
    Oct 4, 2004
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      So are you saying that in 1864 the AOT ceased to be capable of being an offensive army and for the rest of the war could only be on the defense?


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      In conjunction with what Lee wrote, the AOT was an experienced army as well and I would not go so far as to compare Joe with Mac. Mac refused to fight even with superior odds while Joe understood his situation more realistically and took the needed actions to slow Sherman while maintaining his army. An offensive, a’la Hood, may have destroyed the AOT sooner than at Franklin.



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      Was Joseph E. Johnston justified in his not wanting to take the offensive after he took over command of the Army of Tennessee?  At the time he took over he did have a demoralized, badly trained army which he rectified by the end of March

      At that point and time, yes.  The AOT was demoralized and in need of reequipping, I would not say badly trained, for all the good or bad of Braxton Bragg, one thing can be said he was a great trainer of troops. 




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