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28907Re: Victory at Pea Ridge!

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  • slippymississippi
    Oct 1, 2004
      --- In civilwarwest@yahoogroups.com, tlind1@y... wrote:
      > Just want to share a little experience from last night...went home
      > ate dinner and then settled down at the computer with my Civil War
      > generals 2 game. The excitement was that I had been able to find
      > battle of Pea Ridge for it.

      I have serious problems with CWG and CWG2, due to the way they treat
      artillery, long range rifle fire, and fatigue. Concerning
      artillery... indirect fire??? Are you serious? Ain't no steeking
      indirect fire in the ACW. Ditto with having cannons suddenly firing
      upon you and you not knowing which direction the fire is coming
      from. What the heck! Like, I'm not going to hear the roar of the
      cannon and see the giant puff of smoke in my front? And why do enemy
      cannons do so much damage at long range?

      And what's up with not allowing infantry units to fire at a
      distance? A rifled musket had nearly the same range during the ACW
      as a rifled field cannon. Why do I have to walk right up to the
      opposing unit to attack it????

      And concerning fatigue... there were two types of fatigue, battle
      fatigue and physical fatigue. Many times, units who could not march
      another step would spring to life and drive the enemy from the
      field. On the other hand, some units who were otherwise well rested
      would rout after a particularly intense volley of fire. Why should
      my units become easily routed just because we marched all the way
      around the enemy and appeared out of the woods on their vulnerable
      flank? If anything, the troops would be elated at the sight and
      driven to drive the enemy from the field.
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