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28381Re: Terrorist acts of the CSA [was OFF TOPIC BUT BREAKING NEWS...

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  • carlw4514
    Sep 2, 2004
      Well, throw that thought back. If regular, not irregular, CSA troops
      performing their duties can be regarded as terrorists, then of course
      it means that George Washington and the others were all terrorists, too.

      Ironically, some acts committed by people with CSA association and
      support could be regarded as terrorist acts, something I view with
      deep regret and hold Davis responsible for [and wonder who else should
      be blamed]. In particular:
      -attempted firebombing of a Vermont town
      -attempted firebombing of 24 New York hotels. Count em, yep, 24!
      -assassination attempts. This last I would like to think was totally
      the acts of people deciding to do what they did on their own, however,
      there is evidence their original organization was CSA supported.

      --- In civilwarwest@yahoogroups.com, Ricky Washburn <rwwiv@y...> wrote:
      .. I do know that the following thought is dangiling out on thin ice,
      and i do not mean to start anything that is off topic, but i agree
      there is an ironicy, for if the war for southern independance were to
      "start" today in the same manner as it did in April of '61 at Fort
      Sumpter would not the seceding states be called terrorists?...but i
      also see it as it was a different time with different
      circumstances...so it is just a empty thought i am throughing on the
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