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  • James L. Choron
    Sep 2 5:44 AM
      > Harry,
      > That is exactly what I was saying. Anti-semitism and anti-catholocism was
      > not "institutionalized" or "organized" at the time of the Civil War. It
      > individual. But... on an individual level it was wide-spread, and ran the
      > gauntlet from vitrulent hatred to mile dislike and distrust. Rosecrans is
      > classic example of this.
      > I do not believe that Grant was a biggot, at least not deliberately, or
      > maliciously so. I belive that his order simply reflected the climate of
      > times and a general distrust of anyone or anything "foreign" or "other".
      > The same thing can be said in the Confederacy with regard to the opinions,
      > which varried widely, of J.P. Benjamin. He was generally respected for his
      > ability, but in many quarters he was generally held suspect and
      > if not outright disliked in spite of his obvious ability. Once again, this
      > was not institutionalized or organized, it was on a personal and
      > level, but nevertheless widespread.
      > I firmly believe that Benjamin fled the country after the war because he
      > genuinely feared for his life. While both he and Davis were accused of
      > involved in the plot against Linclon, I think Benjamin realized that while
      > it would have been politically inexpedient to hang Davis (which proved to
      > a correct analyssis), hanging him would have caused no great uproar and
      > would have provided the Radical Republicans with a convenient target for
      > punishing the Confederate Government.
      > If one looks at the Wirz case, it is obvious that Henry Wirz was hanged
      > his Catholocism and his foreign birth as much as for any attrocities that
      > committed or might have committed. He was not the Commandant of
      > Andersonville, however, the actual Commandant, whose name escapes me as I
      > write this, was a more dangerous and well connected "target" for any
      > Like Davis, people would have rallied to him, whereas Wirz was not
      > particularly well liked by anyone, simply becaus of his aloof character
      > foreign mannerisms... as well as his religion... and had no real
      > The fact that both Anti-Semitism and Anti-Catholocism did become
      > instutionalized and organized within a few years of the War's end prove
      > both existed, and that both existed to the extent that this
      > institutioalization and organization was possible.Certainly it was
      > by the mass of immigrants pouring into the country after the War, but this
      > was simply an augmentation of existing views.
      > Jim
      > "Truth, crushed to the ground, shall rise again".
      > -- Governor Earl K. Long of Louisiana --
      > "People are always telling me to "give 'em Hell"...
      > I don't have to. I just tell the truth, and most of
      > 'em think it's Hell.
      > -- President Harry S. Truman --
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