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  • James L. Choron
    Sep 1, 2004
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      Thank you so much for your kind thoughts and interest. No, there's nothing really specific that can be done. Our government over here is doing everything possible, as are the fire, police and emergency workers.
      The best thing that you could do for us... and I say "us" because I've lived here for many years, and view it as my second home...is help us get the word out. These Chechin thugs who did this are the same bunch that the U.S. is figiting in Iraq... they are funded by the same people, armed by the same people and have the same ultimate goals. They have waged their "Holy War" against Russia for over 10 years, and the death toll in innocent civilians is well into the thousands, not counting military casualties. This is nothing but the same kind of Islamic extremism that is now being fought by all Western powers.
      Keep us in your prayers, and help spread the word. Russia is in this fight along with the rest of you. For us, it's a little closer to home. They're right in our back yard. Chechinia is not, nor has it ever been, an "independent republic".It is an historical part of Russia that has been taken over by these fanatics.
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           If there's something specific one can do to help, please advise, by direct e-mail if more appropriate.  I am a small fish in the large pond of the D.C. metropolitan area & have a personal interest in affairs in Russia. 
                                                            Take care & God bless.   Victoria K.

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