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27431RE: [civilwarwest] Re: 52nd GA, Barton's/Stovall's Brigade

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  • Tom Mix
    May 10, 2004
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      Good points. It sounds like you may have hit on something that could lend to marketability.  A marked may be viewed as “unmarketable” when in reality little has been done to provide a marked to accurately measure. Go for it.

      Just be careful as you try to read those markers. I wanted to read them last year but almost got rear ended about ½ dozen and figured the health of my car and myself may out weigh the information on the markers. I really wanted to see all of that too.

      Talk about up-scale homes!

      Nice view though.



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      It sounds like you may be looking at a new book project. Is this something we can look forward to in the future? I’m always looking for another good book on Missionary Ridge and would look forward to anything you may be putting together.

      Thanks, Tom.  Too early to tell.  I'm doing something, but whether it develops into a book, an article, or a dead end, hard to tell.   The problem with western subjects is marketability, but then they have the virtue of not being the subject of micro-scrutiny like what happened in any given square foot of Gettysburg.

      The fighting on the southern end of the Ridge (Stewart vs. part of Sheridan, Johnson, Geary, Cruft and Osterhaus) has been underreported, because it has only been the last 6-8 years that it was known that Stewart's Divsion reports survived.   Right now I'm in the mode of figuring out what unit fought where on Missionary Ridge, which is convenient since I live in Chattanooga.   The Confederate markers, probably because the Stewart reports disappeared for a while, are somewhat incorrect, and probably a little out of place. 

      Sam Elliott

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