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  • Tom Mix
    Apr 8, 2004

      I live in Indiana, the home of 2 “Big 10” schools. The Big 10 Conference of course has 11 schools. They don’t teach math.

      I went to school in S.W. Ky. at Murray State where at least we know the difference between 10 and 11.

      As a Hoosier, I always preferred Notre Dame anyways.

      Tom Mix


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      JoE aNd AlL,


      SiX mUncE aGo I cuDn't Evin Spil AGGIE, nOW I iS one...


      Texas A&M here...




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      Univ of Mich grad


      And there are psychologists that can help you with your affliction. (GRIN!)




      Mike Peters, 1979 Ohio State grad

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