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  • Don Pontious
    Apr 8, 2004
      In this war, between Columbus and Ann Arbor, the north wears blue and the south wears gray.
      Another loyal follower of the south  . GO BUCKS
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      And some ignorant types think the War Between the States, AKA the North versus the South, AKA  the Civil War, is about some little skirmish between some folk 145 years ago.
      Obviously they have never been in Columbus or Ann Arbor in November.

      Take care,

      Bob (who is a Loyal Son of the South for this one time!)

      Judy and Bob Huddleston
      10643 Sperry Street
      Northglenn, CO  80234-3612
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      That researcher was making my stand at the Xerox as obsolete as the Ohio State professor had made those Spanish copiers.

      That is where you made your biggest mistake, going to Ohio State.
      Univ of Mich grad 
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