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26871Re: Real Cavalry VS Real Dragoons

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  • jblake47
    Mar 31, 2004
      --- In civilwarwest@yahoogroups.com, "Bob Huddleston"
      <huddleston.r@c...> wrote:
      > Paul,
      > It depends -- are the dragoons well trained and well led? If so,
      > dismount and blast the charging cavalry out of the saddle. If not,
      then the
      > cavalry will run them down.
      > It was axiomatic that, against untrained and poorly led infantry,
      > would have a field day. However, if the men on foot maintained their
      > position and their discipline, no number of cavalry could prevail
      > them.

      Even in skirmish position, the infantryman with bayonet can take on a
      mounted sabered trooper and win.

      I don't think the cavalry wished to rush in there and find out too
      late they were up against well trained infantry veterans.

      > Take care,
      > Bob
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      > What will happen if Real Cavalry(sabres) meets real Dragoons
      > rifles) headon?
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